Mogs® M65 TB

Steel windows for minimalist architecture with thermal barrier

The designation “Mogs M65 TB” stands for a large family of thermal barrier window profiles made from different steel grades. Mogs M65 TB Steel profiles are made from 2 mm cold-formed zinc-magnesium steel, which grants a high internal and external protection against rust and atmospheric corrosion. Compared to conventional zinc coated steel profiles, this special dual coat is welder friendly and does not form gas bubbles in the weld seam.
Developed for harsher climatic conditions, Mogs M65 TB combines the mechanical strength and minimalistic slender design of the M65 profiles with thermo-acoustic insulation. Mogs M65 TB is the only cold formed thermal insulated profile system, which boast a thickness of 2 mm. It is an ideal solution for large glazing’s and with its 65/72 mm of profile depth an extremely strong framing material for security windows. Mogs M65 TB is a multi purpose system and profiles used for fixed frames or outer casement frames can be used as well for window vents, keeping the assembly fast and simple. With 12 different profiles a large variety of functional windows and doors can be manufactured.

Next to the zinc-magnesium steel version, which can be painted in any colour either wet or with powder, there are two further very appealing steel grades, which find great enthusiasm amongst architects: Corten and Stainless Steel.

Mogs M65 TB Corten Steel is a refined stylistic choice, which marries the weathered rusty look of Corten steel and the slender elegance of the Mogs M65 profiles. Originally used in restoration works, Corten steel is nowadays appreciated in different settings thanks to its “natural” beauty.

Stainless steel has been used in architecture, building and construction since its invention in the 1920’s. Iconic architectural projects like the Chrysler (1930) and Empire State Buildings (1931) exemplify its durability and lasting beauty.  Mogs M65 TB Stainless Steel is the perfect answer for those who strive for maximum strength, security and longevity in private and public buildings.


Features of M65 TB Steel

  1. 2 mm tubular profile with extremely high moments of inertia. The most streamlined in its class
  2. Extra deep profiles (65-72 mm) to accommodate high-performance glazing
  3. 22 mm glazing rebate, to guarantee a deeper overlap of the glass pane
  4. Easy welding of the corners
  5. Sash gaskets with vulcanized corners, providing excellent water- and air-tightness
  6. The same profiles can be used as frame or as hinged sash
  7. Hermetic gaskets on glass pane
  8. Gap between doors increased to 15 mm for optimal rotation even when doors are very narrow
  9. Option to change distance between the profiles, without modifying the visible gasket surface
  10. Safety tilt and turn hardware with a fourth handle position, allowing perfect ventilation of rooms
  11. Etched marking to locate hardware fastening axis
  12. Special self-tapping glazing fastening screws
  13. Snap-on glazing beads retainer with sharp edge to increase resistance to wrenching
M65 TB Steel profile range


Steel snap-on glazing beads


alluminium snap-on glazing beads