Custom-made windows

Bespoke window profiles

Next to standard window and door systems, OTTOSTUMM can develop customized systems for larger project, which require different solutions or designs, or for specialized steel window fabricators who wish to have a private series.

A custom system can be manufactured with or without a thermal barrier and requires a commitment to a min. quantity, which depends from the choice of metal and manufacturing technology.

Hot rolled steel profiles require a min. quantity of roughly 8.000 m/profile while hot extruded bronze profiles, with or without thermal barrier, can be manufactured starting from 500 m/profile. Cold formed steel and stainless steel profiles with thermal barrier require a min. manufacturing quantity of 1000 m/profile for GRP insulated profiles and 5000 m/profile for polyurethane insulated profiles.

Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for your personal window.