Window Systems

FerroFinestra® the original steel and bronze windows of the 30’s

FerroFinestra®, literally meaning “window iron”, stands for an accurate selection of original hot rolled steel and extruded architectural bronze window and door profiles.
Steel windows have been, and still are, the preferred choice of architects. Especially when their function is not to close a hole in a wall but a significant contribution to the character and overall appearance of a building. The minimalist aesthetics of solid hot rolled steel profiles and their ability to shape windows is unique. Their slender lines appear to lose weight and give lightness to the frames, emphasizing the transparency of a façade. This elegance is difficult to achieve with the bulky profiles of alternative materials.
Contemporary architecture is rediscovering as well the value and beauty of bronze, which was the principal performer in windows and doors of representative commercial buildings and residences of the 18th and 19th century. This noble metal emanates a warmness difficult to match with other metals.
Windows crafted from our distinctive FerroFinestra® profile ranges are ideal for historical renovation but fascinating also for new high-end residential and boutique commercial buildings. Often they become the most prominent feature in prestigious estates recalling popular architectural styles like Mediterranean, Mission Revival or Spanish Colonial. FerroFinestra® profiles are the basic components for a large variety of slender open inwards and outwards casments as well as large size sliding, by-folding and French doors.

Stucco Steel

The name “Stucco” comes from the putty or filler used to fix the single glass in this type of windows. This gave the window an arrow effect on the inside and outside.

W20 Steel

This series has its origins in the “Universal Range”, which was introduced for the first time in 1912 by the company “The Crittall Manufacturing Co. Ltd.”.

W40 Steel

The classic W40 range is an evolution of the famous W20 range developed in 1964. Produced for the first time in 1995 it consists of only 12 profiles and follows the unmistakable classic design of its predecessor.

W50 TB Steel + Thermal Barrier

W50 TB is the first range of OTTOSTUMM’s FerroFinestra® thermal barrier family. It follows faithfully the design of solid hot rolled steel window profiles, maintaining its proportions and overlapping effects.

B40 Bronze

With the new profile system B40, OTTOSTUMM re-proposes a window styles, which accompanied modern architecture through the 20th century.

B60 TB Bronze + Thermal Barrier

With the new profile system BF60 TB, OTTOSTUMM upgrades the thermal performance of the solid bronze system BF40 into the category of zero comprommises.

Custom Windows

Next to standard window and door systems, OTTOSTUMM can develop customized systems for larger project, which require different solutions or designs, or for specialized steel window fabricators who wish to have a private series.

Mogs® Steel windows for minimalist architecture with or without thermal barrier

OTTOSTUMM’s MOGS 65® profile range is the perfect answer for contemporary architectural design. Functional, compact and with narrow sight lines it stands for a minimalistic design expressed in clear horizontal and vertical alignments that frame expansive openings. It takes profiles with extraordinary strength and proven performance once you move from standard to large or extra large openings. Windows and doors manufactured with MOGS 65 steel profiles incorporate only the finest steel grades like zinc-magnesium steel, corten steel and stainless steel 316/L.

Mogs ® M65 Steel

Mogs M65 profiles are made from 2 mm cold-formed zinc-magnesium steel, which grant a high internal and external protection against rust and atmospheric corrosion.

Mogs ® M65 TB Steel | Corten | Stainless Steel

The designation “M65 TB” stands for a large family of thermal barrier profiles made from different steel grades. Next to the zinc-magnesium steel version, there are two further very appealing steel grades: Corten and Stainless Steel.