Mogs® MLS72 TB

Thermal barrier lift & slide doors

Galvanized | Corten | Stainless Steel

The Mogs MLS72 TB offers thermal barrier lift and slide door solutions in zinc-magnesium steel, corten and stainless steel. All profiles are cold formed with 2mm thick steel and ideal solution for large glazing with weights up to 600 kg. The 72 mm profile depth and 4 mm flange thickness is a perfect compromise between design and security. The extremely strong framing material accommodates bulletproof glass up to 60 mm without loosing the slenderness of the frames. Mogs MLS72 TB lift and slide systems can be automated.



Features of MLS72 TB

  1. 2 mm tubular profile with extremely high moments of inertia
  2. Thermal barrier profiles
  3. 22 mm glazing rebate, to guarantee a deeper cover of the glass pane
  4. Profiles (72 mm) accommodate high-performance glazing
  5. Tracks position coincides with glass panes, guaranteeing a perfect balance and sliding
  6. Sealing gasket on the external corner of the profile, to avoid backwater between profile and threshold
  7. Thermally insulated profile kit for frames and threshold
  8. Double grooves for fin gaskets with vulcanized corners
  9. Lifting fittings system, up to 400 Kg each kit (certified up to 600 Kg each door)
  10. AISI 316 stainless steel slide track
  11. Highly insulated maze with double gaskets
  12. Safety locking
MLS72 TB profile range: Steel, Corten and Stainless Steel


MLS72 TB complementary lift & slide door profiles


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