T46 TB

Slender steel T mullions for curtain walls

Next to window and door systems, OTTOSTUMM supplies an interesting range of innovative thermal barrier curtain wall profiles in steel, corten steel and stainless steel. These T-shaped mullions and transoms have a reduced sightline of only 46mm thanks to the integration of a thermal barrier directly into the profile. It follows the concept of partitioning systems and there is no need for special glass fixings components like in conventional façades. All kind of window or door elements can be integrated into these façades and glazing follows the same simple principles of windows.

Solid T-shaped mullions and transoms where the most common solutions in the first half of the 20th century to manufacture curtain walls in commercial buildings or to support the long runs of clerestory window in factories. T46 TB is a thermally enhanced system inspired by those classical solutions. The aesthetics makes it ideal for restoration as well as for new cutting edge architecture. Upon request thermal barrier T-Mullions are available in custom sizes and custom lengths.

Features of T46 TB

  1. Slender T-shape aesthetics
  2. Sightline of only 46 mm
  3. Thermal insulated system in correspondence to the glazing interspaces
  4. System with massive metal webs for high moment of inertia
  5. Rounded or sharp edges available
  6. T-Mullions can accommodate very large glazing
  7. Slender bead aesthetics
  8. T46 TB available in steel and stainless steel
  9. Custom sizes and special lengths upon request
T46 TB profile range


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