Curtain Walls Systems

More glass and less mullions – steel has changed the look of contemporary facades

Next to our window and door systems, we supply an interesting range of curtain wall profiles in steel and stainless steel. OTTOSTUMM has selected two distinctive curtain wall solutions, which stand out from the crowd. Both concepts are based on solid steel sections, which are manufactured with state of the art laser fusion equipment and differ considerably from conventional fillet-welded sections. The seam created by the laser is very small, neat and barely noticeable. This is very much appreciated by architects because the sharp contour of the steel shape is maintained.

T46 TB Steel | Corten | Stainless Steel + Thermal Barrier

We offer a standard range of T-shaped mullions and transoms with a reduced sightline of only 46mm. This is possible thanks to the integration of the thermal barrier directly into the profile.

ADAPTA Steel | Corten | Stainless Steel | Brass + Thermal Barrier

OTTOSTUMM offers free forms as the ultimate step in customized façade design. If the project requires a one of a kind design than laser fused profiles are the answer.