our roots

“In the late 40’s, when I was a young boy, my friends and I liked to spend hours in old factories, which were abandoned or partially destroyed. One of our favorite games, surely due to the historical occurrences of that period, was plane sighting. For this purpose one lucky boy was elected to scan the sky and the other were operating crank wheels and special gear to open and close endless lines of pivoting steel windows.”

Otto Stumm

our roots

our mission

Our mission is to support architects, planners and specialized metal fabricators with appealing steel and architectural bronze fenestration systems, which offer the possibility to design windows and doors with distinctive visual qualities.
Our products have a very narrow focus and are ideal for renovating steel windows in historic buildings of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as for indoor and outdoor use in highly design-oriented villas, boutique commercial and institutional buildings. Windows and doors crafted with our profiles are often the most noticeable feature of prestigious properties.



quality of life

Indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency, recyclability and durability are the fundamental characteristics for contributing to a healthier indoor living and a reduced environmental footprint.